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Find Your Tribe: How Connecting with Others Can Help Your Company Thrive

If your small business is growing more slowly than you’d like, it might be time to jumpstart things with a healthy dose of old-fashioned small-town networking. While online connections are helpful for most businesses in the modern age, taking time to build real-world relationships is just as important for long-term success. Two of the easiest […]

Giving Thanks to Vendors

Large or small, no business venture is an island. A host of other companies supplies goods, machinery, services, advice and expertise that allow you to serve your customers and grow your business. No matter the industry — whether you specialize in power and energy, telecommunications, precious metals, biotechnology or wedding planning — you operate within […]

Southern Mindfulness – Gifting as a Part of Southern Culture

Everything’s a little slower in the South, but it isn’t due to the heat, and it isn’t laziness, either. What it is is a kind of mindfulness, an awareness of the proper Southern way things should be done and the importance of the manners instilled by family and community. It isn’t something reserved for special […]

Corporate Gifting for Community Banks

Community Banks Community-Based Despite the growth of megabanks, community banks still provide 60 percent of all loans made to small businesses. Your customers count on you to provide full services and keep costs low. You take pride in helping your community thrive, and your clients rest assured that the financial decision makers are locally vested […]

The Art of Corporate Gifting – Meaningful, Ethical Tokens of Appreciation

Different Sectors, Different Rules Showing heartfelt appreciation to people who deserve thanks is vital to a company’s continued success. It can also be a bit like walking on nutshells. You want to build professional bridges with employees, clients and colleagues, especially around holidays or other milestone occasions. Regardless of industry or sector, however, rules and […]

How to Keep Your Clients During Economic Downturns

Tough economic times hit businesses hard. Budgets, staff and programs get cut, leaving minimal resources to allocate for additional spending, including client retention. Executives are forced to make difficult decisions on where to spend company funds, and budgets that are perceived as being extraneous are some of the first to be cut. However, an economic […]

How to Store Pecans without Ruining Them

There’s nothing worse than opening a container of pecans you stored months earlier to find them rotten or rancid. If you picked all those pecans, all of your hard work would seem pointless. Fortunately, there are a few principles to storing pecans that will ensure your hard work or money spent was not wasted. Do […]

Stock Up! Why You Should Buy Pecans in Bulk

Pecans should not appear just around the holidays as a treat or in a warm pecan pie. They should appear all year, in all kinds of food, because they are incredibly nutritious and can add just the right amount of flavor and crunch to a dish. How do you make sure you have pecans to […]

How to Keep Your New Year Resolutions in 2015

We are all familiar with the desire to make proactive changes to our lives and relationships. We make grand promises with ourselves about how we are going to change and get that body we always wanted. But truth is, we are also oh-so-familiar with the feeling of failure from not achieving what we were so […]

Don’t Do These Four Things When Making a New Year’s Resolution

Many people view the New Year as a time to wipe the slate clean and begin a journey of self-improvement. However, for many, resolutions eventually become failures a few months into the year and not maintaining and attaining the goal can do more harm than good to the psyche. In order to get the most […]