Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Cooking With Nuts?

Incorporating nuts in cooking adds dimensions of flavor and texture to whatever your taste buds are directing you to craft in the kitchen. Whether you are making a pecan-crusted salmon or a prosciutto salad with oven-toasted pine nuts, there is room for error when cooking with these shelled delights. Here are a few mistakes in […]

Why Pecan Oil Belongs in Your Kitchen

Many considerations take place when deciding which cooking oil to use for food preparation: saturated fat content, flavor potency, versatility, and overall delectability. If a cook is mindful of fat content, both “good” and “bad” fat, the observant epicurean will notice pecan oil has one-third less saturated fat than olive oil. When compared to butter, it has two-thirds less saturated fat. From a fat standpoint, pecan oil looks pretty skinny.

How to Make Healthy Snacks for Kids (Even If You Don’t Have Time)

When you’ve worked all day yourself, finding the time to prepare something delicious and nutritious can seem impossible. Never fear — there’s a world of options out there that are miles ahead of packaged cheesy crisps or preservative-laden cookies. Check out a few of these quick, easy ways to put a healthier spin on snacktime:

Four Shortcuts for Planning a Star-Spangled 4th of July in Record Time

The sun is shining, the ribs are marinating, the flags are fluttering, and, across the country, families are readying their backyards for the cookout of the year.Of course, with just a few short days to prepare, you may be wondering how to best pull off a 4th of July party that’s befitting for the big day. Never fear: a quick, easy (and most importantly, glamorous!) party to celebrate our nation’s founding is just a few steps away.

Martha Stewart’s Top 10 Tips for a Hosting a Dinner Party

Whether it’s a festive Easter brunch or a warm and cozy wintertime gathering, if you’re in charge of putting together a big dinner for the family, it’s important that you know how to make the holiday a success from start to finish. Who better to guide you through the intense process than the legendary Martha […]

The American History of the Pecan

The pecan is a delicious tasting nut that can be a wonderful accessory in a salad, as the body of a meltingly sweet pie, or munched right from the shell as a wholesome, filling snack. Most of us have snacked on pecans in our lifetime, but do you know the interesting history behind this great tasting nut? The fact is that the pecan has played a bigger role in American culture than you may even realize.

How to Grow Pecans in Your Backyard

We all love pecans here, and of course we’d prefer you buy our locally-grown Louisiana pecans, but another joy is seeing someone grow their own pecans, joining us in our craft. Today, we’re going to tell you how to grow your own pecan trees and enjoy the nuts of your own labor.

6 Cheap Food Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Frugal Cooking

Because we love cooking but hate paying so much at the grocery store, we love little tricks to save money. Be it by proper storage, preparations before cooking, efficient prep time, or repurposing of ingredients, you can save while still eating tasty, wholesome snacks.

How to Cook With Pecans — The Ultimate Guide

One of the best things about pecans is how incredibly versatile they are. We love them in all sorts of dishes, not to mention on their own as a delicious and nutritious snack. In breads and entrees, appetizer nibbles and sophisticated desserts, you’re always able to find a new way to use pecans in the kitchen.

How to Make Delicious (and Healthy) Pecan Treats

Pecans are versatile ingredients in the kitchen, and their high levels of vitamins and minerals make for a wholesome addition to any meal. Since they’re also high in protein and healthy fats, they make for an excellent base to build vegetarian snacks, entrees and desserts on. Chow down on these treats any time of the day to get a burst of energy that will keep you going strong through work or play!