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National Pecan Month: Promote Your Business Through National Celebrations

April is here, which means National Pecan Month is in full swing. As such, it’s obviously a very important time for us nut lovers at Cane River Pecan Company. The month itself presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate and help others discover what we already know: Pecans are awesome! It’s also a great time to […]

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Gift Outside of the Box This Year

End-of-the-year holidays represent the big-bang corporate gifting finish to another work year. So, why—as we anticipate a bright new year—do we let the other 260 or so workdays drift, becoming stale and flat? This year, for your employees, trade trite desk trinkets and lukewarm gimmicks for some outside-of-the-box gifting ideas that will keep your corporate […]

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Seasons Greetings From the CNO

Now that the holidays are in full swing, I’ve taken the time to sit down and consider the essence of this time of year. What is it, exactly, that makes us feel all warm and cozy inside (other than that cup of hot chocolate or bowl gumbo)? What’s the glue that holds the fabric of […]

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The Ultimate Holiday Checklist for Businesses

For businesses, the activities you sponsor or participate in during the holidays reveal your company’s values and vision – perhaps more so than at any other time of the year. Through your holiday activities, you can control whether clients, vendors, employees and partners perceive your business as a scrooge or saint. If you want to […]


Common Mistakes in Corporate Gifting – and How to Avoid Them

A bad corporate gift can potentially be worse than no gift at all. More than just a waste of money, you might even lose business — and that definitely isn’t the goal! Here are three of the most common mistakes we see people make with corporate gifting, along with some helpful tips on how to […]


Why Food Makes a Great Corporate Gift

Food and beverages are the most popular gifts for customers or prospective clients, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s annual survey.   The nice thing about sending food is that it gets consumed, and you can send the same gift year after year. Sure, you could send an umbrella with your logo on it. But, […]


Brand Building for the Corporate Gifter

A great corporate gift delights your customers and reinforces your company’s values. A veggie-burger producer most likely isn’t going to send steaks to its customers, and you shouldn’t send a gift that’s at odds with your brand either. Here’s how to ensure you deliver the right message with your next corporate gift. Apply Your Logo Tastefully […]

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When Is the Best Time to Send a Corporate Gift?

The timing of a gift can be just as important as what you send. This is as true in corporate gifting as it is personal gifting. Here’s how to time it just right. Make an Impact During the Holiday Season While the prime time for gifting is still several months away, it’s never too early […]

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How To Create a Corporate Gifting Policy

Everyone loves receiving tokens of appreciation. Heartfelt acknowledgements like client gifts can express what words often cannot. However, preserving balance while honoring ethics within relationships can be tricky business. While formalized contracts govern many financial transactions, companies and their representatives can find themselves “winging it” when giving or receiving gifts. Experience has taught us that […]


Gift Giving and Diversification Within the Oil and Gas Industry

The only certainty in business is the inevitability of change. As the energy sector monitors the swinging pendulum of supply and demand, boom and bust, they find themselves shifting business models and surveying unfamiliar shores. Experienced industry executives recognize this latest downturn as marking a “transformative period” of reinvention, redirection, innovation and resourcefulness. However, these […]