Can’t Keep Up? 7 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Gift Buying

Gift buying can certainly be a time of over complication. Lists, budgets and people’s wishes all factor in when making decisions about what to buy. Here are seven ways to make the holiday gift buying experience a little less complicated: 1. Start Early Don’t wait until the week before the holiday to think about what […]

Five Dinner Party Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

There is quite a lot of pressure when hosting a dinner party. What you anticipate to be a fun and festive evening can turn into a “what was I thinking?!” personal meltdown in the kitchen. Consider not doing the following when thinking about hosting a dinner party: Complicated Recipes A complicated and untested recipe can […]

The Top Ten Corporate Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year for showing thanks by giving gifts. Sometimes gift giving—especially in the corporate workplace—can be difficult because it may appear most people have every essential item or trinket they need. However, there is something out there even for the most savvy and well-accessorized clients and employees. Here are ten gift ideas […]

How to Complete Your Holiday Gift List in 5 Minutes

Shopping for everyone on your gift list can cost you a lot of time if you are driving around town hunting for a possible gift. Or maybe time is not an issue for you. Maybe you just need a little something extra for each person to show just how much he or she means to […]

How to Make Healthy Halloween Treats for Your Party

Halloween doesn’t have to be a time of stomach aches and sugar highs. There are plenty of fun, healthy alternatives to creating tasty Halloween treats without getting tricked. Here are a few creative and healthy options for a festive snack, dessert, or salad idea: Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins This is a great idea for […]

From Appetizers to Desserts – How to Cook with Pecans

Pecans are delectable additions to your cooking at any time of the year. But during the holidays, pecan dishes seem to add to the festivities with their aromas and versatility. From appetizers to desserts, incorporating pecans in your holiday menu is a wonderful way to celebrate traditions. Appetizers Sometimes we forget simply adding a handful […]

Don’t Do These Five Things When Grilling

The aroma of a barbeque pit in action brings to mind carefree cooking jam-packed with flavor. However, mouthwatering smells can easily turn into burnt dreams in a flash if you do these five things when grilling:

Three Anniversary Mistakes That Make You Look Like the Worst Spouse EVER

Anniversaries are thought to be a time of reminiscing and romance. But when you make one of these mistakes, whispering sweet nothings over a fancy dinner may turn into folded arms, staring out the window, and a long silent ride back to the homestead. “Babe, I thought it was tomorrow.” Set a reminder on your […]

How to Know When to Harvest Your Pecans

If you are interested in harvesting your pecans, late September through November is the time when pecans begin falling. Keep in mind if your pecan tree experienced insect infestation or went through a late freeze, the nut’s quality and amount of nuts falling to the ground might be adversely affected. For this reason, scouting which […]

Do You Make These 3 Mistakes When Cooking With Nuts?

Incorporating nuts in cooking adds dimensions of flavor and texture to whatever your taste buds are directing you to craft in the kitchen. Whether you are making a pecan-crusted salmon or a prosciutto salad with oven-toasted pine nuts, there is room for error when cooking with these shelled delights. Here are a few mistakes in […]